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April 27, 2020

A space for learning all about the language of flowers!

I’m so excited you’re here! This blog has been a labor of love off and on since I started my company. (To learn more about my company and I , click here.) At first, I was doing weekly #floriographyfriday posts on Instagram, but I quickly realized there was more information about the language of flowers I wanted to share than I could cram into your newsfeed.
I had a hard time consistently posting content – so I took a step back, redid my website, and made a plan.

The Plan

Every Tuesday, I’ll blog about something – it could be anything! Lifestyle, a cool recipe, a wedding I did recently…who knows? And every Friday, I’ll be doing a post about the language of flowers and bringing back floriography Friday. In these posts, I’ll share my intimate knowledge of the meanings of the flora all around us, legends and folklore connected with them, and more.

Floriography – The Language of Flowers

Here is my official introduction for those who are not familiar with Floriography Friday or floriography in general…
Floriography is telling stories through the use of flowers. Centuries ago, people realized flowers, foliage, and plants all possessed certain energies. They translated these energies into words and feelings. Flowers have been featured in art, folklore, and even written texts for many years – oftentimes symbolically.

During the Victorian Era, these floral energies were taken to a new extreme – actually creating entire messages from a giver to a recipient. It was a cryptic and beautiful way to communicate one’s sentiments toward another while being able to maintain propriety publicly. For example: Netflix and chill obviously wasn’t a thing back then. Instead, someone may have given a small bundle of flowers. Perhaps a geranium, a tuberose, a ranunculus, and some nasturtium would be given. Translation? “Meet me later. I want you – for a fun romantic rendezvous!”

My Goal

All jokes aside, the language of flowers is extremely romantic. Unfortunately, much of this romance has been lost in our society. It’s my goal and mission to bring it back. I want people to say more than just, “I love you!” A bride could carry a bouquet full of wheat, white chrysanthemums, magnolias, and peach roses. What does it mean? “I want to be with you, forever united. I give you all that I have – I promise I will always love you.” The groom should wear a boutonni√®re that mirrors what her bouquet says, because the promise and sentiment goes both ways.

Perhaps if we can bring back communication with flowers, people could begin to actually VOICE these sentiments. How lovely would that be? Can you imagine a world so full of romance and people being comfortable voicing how they feel?

I know we’re all in a strange and uncertain time right now. Things feel scary sometimes and other times they feel completely surreal. There are a myriad of other emotions we are dealing with as individuals, families, and society. Flowers may seem trivial at this time, but I promise they aren’t. A gift from God, from Mother Nature, and from our ancestors connecting so deeply to them and giving meanings, floriography can bring some much-needed comfort at this time.

“So…lady, you think flowers can change society…and the world at large??” YES. Absolutely, I do. But more importantly, I believe LOVE can make the most change – flowers are just the medium.

Stay safe & sane, lovelies!

xoxo, MJ



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