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Idealist Temperament MBTI Flowers, Again! This week, we are wrapping up a four-week-long blog series in which I’m meshing two of my favorite things: psychology and flowers! We’ve been discussing Meyers-Briggs Personality Types and flowers that correspond to some of their traits. If you don’t know your MBTI type yet, you can take the online […]

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Rational Temperament MBTI Flowers Happy Floriography Friday! I hope you’ve had a fantastic week and that this weekend will be even better! For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been blogging a series about MBTI Flowers. If you missed the last couple of posts and don’t know your MBTI type yet, you can take the […]

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Artisan Temperament MBTI Flowers It’s floriography Friday again! Last week I wrote about the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator and flowers that could be associated with four of the 16 types. (For a refresher on what exactly MBTI is, read the first part of last week’s post. If you still don’t know your type, head to this […]

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Consistency in posting has been difficult for me (as you can tell!), but I’m back with Floriography Friday! Last time I posted a blog, it was about June’s flower of the month. This week, I’m focusing on July’s flower of the month (according to much of the Western Hemisphere), the delphinium. Toxicity and Effect on […]

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In which I assign flowers to each Hogwarts house. I’ve hinted at my nerdiness before, but after this post, there will be no doubt… First Love When Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone came out, I was six. It wasn’t until third grade when when the purple-dust-jacketed marvel stood out to me from a school […]


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