In 2020, I made the decision to switch to a foam-free business. This choice wasn't one I made lightly - nearly all my formal training used foam as a base for design work. 
However, I read an article in 2019 about the impact of floral foam on the environment and I just couldn't use it in good conscience anymore. 
Foam was developed as a convenience for floral designers to help their arrangements last longer and to help speed the design process along. The idea was great - but the execution left something to be desired in my opinion because the foam is made of carcinogens (like carbon black and formaldehyde) and plastic. The plastic used in foam doesn't ever biodegrade fully and leaves behind micro-plastics which get into the food supply at the micro level. These tiny plastic particles also find their way into aquatic ecosystems. Scientists have found tiny plastic particles in fish and other sea-dwelling organisms and I did not want to contribute to that. I am committed to sustainable practices as much as possible because I believe in preserving our planet's resources and protecting the natural beauty that inspires my craft.
I have learned, invented, and continue to learn new ways to create arrangements utilizing a more organic and natural approach. My goal is to contribute to the beauty of Mother Earth in meaningful ways with minimal pollution. 

commitment to sustainability

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